Product development using injection molding technology for stationery, cosmetics containers and plastic products

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About Epoch Chemical

Message from President

Ever since the company was established, we have been manufacturing writing instruments, barrel-containers for cosmetic products, plastic processed goods and etc., using our extremely highly-developed injection-molding technologies on plastic materials.
Especially on the writing instruments and stationery goods, our plants manage from Planning & Development to Molding, Printing, Assembling and Inspection throughout, and many of these products have been into both domestic and international markets. (Markers, Ball-Point Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Multi-Function Pens, Stationery Goods & etc.)
Meanwhile, our technologies could be applied to various needs flexibly such as the production of the barrel-containers for cosmetic products & etc. using our production know-how on long narrow barrel-shaped products accumulated from the experience in those writing instruments production.
Haruo Odaka
President & CEO
  Business Outline   Corporate Profile / History  

Business Outline

Head Office / Plant

Mainly on writing instruments, containers for cosmetic products and etc., by managing these products using an integrated manufacturing system standardized from Project & Planning through Molding, Processing, Inspection and Assembling, finally to sending them out into markets, it has made it possible to achieve the stability of efficiency and quality. It has been applied to broadly from OEM parts/products to Original products..

About OEM Production

Each personnel in charge of project, sales and design will meet customers' request with powerful cross-functional teamwork. The design division is available to design package, pamphlet, poster & etc. in accordance with the product design.
Trial Manufacture to Molds-Manufacture
After the designing of the requested product is done, a mock-up will be produced, and verification on configuration and movement will be carried out accordingly. Also, the verification on the mock-up makes it possible to minimize risks on manufacturing molds. After the verification on the mock-up is completed, molds-manufacture will be implemented by allied molds-manufacturing factories.
From 7-ton ultra-small class up to larger than 280-ton class, there is a variety of up-to-date molding machines including 2-color molding machines, and it has made it possible to keep the molding condition stable with skilled technologies and fruitful knowledge. Furthermore, by introducing various types of automatic machines, 24-hour full operation became available. Our molds sustain the best conditions at all times with the long lifetime by implementing consistent maintenance by specialized professionals.
Printing and painting are implemented with fruitful experience and knowledge in order to meet customers' request.
By request, after-processing of the molded products is also available.
Each molded products are assembled after inspection and measurement with leading-edge various inspection and measuring devices. Automatic machines and/or treatment devices for assembling are provided in order to pursue the stability on quality.

Kobaru Division

Kobaru Division   Kobaru Division was started in January 2001 as a new business section for mainly planning and sales of original brand products, and a number of unique products with originality have been announced into markets. Based on the theme for making products which could be used pleasantly by consumers, there is a selection of various types of writing instruments, penetrating-stamps, and gift products such as “Rakuyaki Marker”. Also, in order to comply with customers’ requests, we are pleased to receive orders for gift products, stamping faces & etc. to put names on or with original designs.

Corporate Profile / History

Corporate Profile

Head Office /
Kuki Plant
6002-7 Aza-Taikoda, Shobu, Shobu-cho, Kuki-shi, Saitama-ken 346-0106, Japan
tel. +81-480-87-0550 fax. +81-480-87-0551
KOBARU Division For inquiries on products as well as request for quotation, please contact us at:
Iwatsuki Plant 1173 Aza-Shimote, Urajionji, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 339-0002, Japan
tel. +81-48-795-1091 fax. +81-48-795-3311
President & CEO Haruo Odaka
Established December, 1986
Capital Yen 44.7 Million
Number of Employees 70
  • ・ Injection-Molding Machine: 20 (2-color molding machine: 2)
  • ・ Marker-Stamp Face-Burning Machine: 2
  • ・ Roller-Stamp Face-Burning Machine: 2
  • ・ Mascara-Brush Assembly Machine: 1
  • ・ Pen-Brush Assembly Machine: 2
  • ・ Transcript-Printing Machine: 14
  • ・ Mechanical Pencil Assembly Machine: 1
  • ・ Marker Assembly Machine: 5
  • ・ Oil-Base Ball-Point Pen Core Assembly Machine: 1
  • ・ Pat-Printing Machine: 4 (1-color, 2-color, 6-color & 7-color:1 each)
  • ・ Stainless-Steel Pipe-Nib Assembly Machine: 3
Business Outline
  • ・ Plastic Injection-Molding and Assembly Processing / Writing Instruments Production /
  • ・ Processing Containers for Cosmetic Products
  • ・ Roller-Stamps Production and etc., Sales of Manufactured Products
  • ・ Sales of Original Brand Products by KOBARU Division
Main Customers TOKIWA Corporation / OHTO Co., Ltd. / KOKUYO Co., Ltd. / SAKATA SEED Corporation /
Main Suppliers AuBEX Corporation / Plus Planning / Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. / Hayakawa & Co., Ltd.
Main Banks
  • ・ The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., Shiraoka Branch
  • ・ The Gunma Bank,Ltd., Omiya Branch
  • ・ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kasukabe Branch
  • ・ Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Koshigaya Branch
  • ・ Resona Bank, Ltd., Kuki Branch
  • ・ The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank, Shiraoka Branch
Affiliate TAISEI Co., Ltd.