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The following is a summary of questions we have received from our customers. Please contact us directly regarding any questions that are not listed below. 

Rakuyaki/Ceramics Markers

Q1.Where can I buy your products?
A1. Please see the list of stores handling our products. (available only in Japanese)
Q2. How many colors are available in total?
A2.16 colors are available. Including the colors contained in the Ceramics Marker set
(which are not available separately for individual purchase), there are 25 colors in total.
Q3. Is the ink safe enough even to lick?
A3.The ink has undergone heavy metals tests
and the results were that everything was within the limit values, but please do not lick it.
Q4.Can the ink be painted onto anything?
A4.It can only be painted on ceramics, porcelain, heatproof glass and fine metals that you can bake in the oven.
Items with surface roughness may damage the marker tip.
Q5.Can I use the ink to paint pottery items and fire it in a kiln?
A5.The temperature in a pottery kiln is too high and the ink will turn to ash.
Please ensure that you adhere to the designated temperature settings
and use an oven or combination microwave oven.
Q6. Can I use a plate bought from the 100 yen shop (one dollar shop) ?
A6.Yes, provided that it is oven-safe.
Q7. Can the markers be used on paper?
A7. Yes, they can be used on paper too, just like ordinary markers.
Q8. Is it OK to use an oven toaster for baking to affix the ink/paint?
A8.If it is possible to properly control the time and temperature of the oven toaster,
there is no problem in using one,
but the fixation may be unstable compared to a combination microwave oven.
Q9.Can mistakes be erased?
A9.Before baking to affix the ink/paint, you can draw and redraw as many times as you like.
Please wipe off the ink using a tissue or a cloth.
If the ink has already dried, it will be easier to remove if made wet first and then firmly rubbed away.
Q10 How many times can an item be baked to affix the ink/paint?
A10.To make a color deeper or darker, you can re-coat an item after it has been baked andbake it again.
Q11.What are the precautions to note regarding storage?
A11.Please keep the markers away from places with high temperatures and lay them flat to store.

NUNO/Fabric Marker

Q1.How many colors are available in total?
A1.There are 11 colors and one chalk marker available.
Q2.Can mistakes be erased?
A2.No, they cannot.
If you are worried about mistakes, we recommend that you first draft your work using the chalk marker included in the 12-color Markers set or using a chalk pen widely available in the market.
Q3.What is the chalk marker?
A3.The chalk marker is a dedicated marker for drafting, which can be cleanly removed when the fabric is washed.
Q4.Is it possible to use any kind of fabric?
A4.Provided it can be ironed, anything is fine. The results may vary depending on the textile to be painted.
We recommend using cotton or polyester cotton (a higher proportion of cotton is better).
Q5. Is it possible to allow items that are difficult to iron to dry naturally, or to apply a hairdryer instead?
A5. The ink will not be properly affixed by natural drying.
The ink will fade and lose its color more easily than items that have been ironed.
Please ensure that you iron all items. The heat from a hairdryer is not sufficient. Please ensure that you iron all items.
Please do not use the NUNO Markers on items that cannot be ironed.
Q6.Some ink got onto my clothes when I was using a marker. Will it come off?
A6. No, it will not. If you are worried, please wear clothes that you do not mind getting stained when using the markers.
Q7.Are NUNO Markers available separately for individual purchase?
A7.At the present time, they are not available for purchase individually.
However, we do accept this as OEM. Please consult us if you are interested in this.

shimitori -portable stain remover-

Q1. Is the liquid of “shimitori” safe?
A1.The liquid of “shimitori” generally uses surfactant.
In case of the liquid touching your skin, please wash it enough with water.
Please do not put the liquid into your mouth.
Q2.Can any stain be taken off by “shimitori”?
A2.“Shimitori” corresponds to both oil-soluble and water-soluble stains, but it will cause a difference depending on the type of stains and compatibility of the fabrics.
Besides, Indian ink and aqueous pigment ink might spread stains, please do not use "shimitori" for them.
Q3.What kind of stains are the most effective using “shimitori”?
A3.Water-soluble stains are relatively easy to take off using “shimitori”, but it depends on the type and the thickness of fabrics.
Q4.Can “shimitori” suit any fabrics?
A4. Please do not use “shimitori” for the fancy clothes like a party dress and kimono which are difficult to wash at home.
Silk, dyed clothes, and denim could be discolored by “shimitori”, please do not use it for them.
Besides, it cannot be used for rubbers, leathers, and the spots of using adhesive resin.
Q5.What is the difference between “shimitori” and other stain removers?
A5. “Shimitori” doesn’t work for the stains with sweat and old stains. “Shimitori” is the best item for first-aid treatments.
Q6.Can “shimitori” take off the ink of ballpoint pens?
A6.It is relatively easy to take off the dye ink, but it doesn’t suit pigment ink.
Please ask manufacturers, if you are not sure what kind of ink is used for your ballpoint pens.
As we answered above, the effect of “shimitori” depends on the type of stains and compatibility of fabrics.

Questions on OEM 

Q1.What is OEM?
A1.We will print whatever you want onto any of our existing molded products.
Not only do we offer mass production of our official products, but we can also conduct production in small lots for sales promotion purposes.
Q2. I am just wondering what kind of products you offer.
A2.First, please contact us to find out! We always welcome any inquiries, even from people who are “just wondering.”

Questions on commodity plastic formation

Q1.What kind of items can you make and how long does it take?
A1.First, please contact us to find out! We always welcome any inquiries, even from people who are just interested in our products.
We conduct everything in-house: from design, to mold building, molding, decorating and packaging.

Questions on transactions

Q1.We are a retailer. Is it possible to buy in products directly?
A1.Of course it is possible! We look forward to hearing from you.
Q2.Do you offer drop shipping services?
A1.Yes, we do. If you introduce us to the other party concerned, we will contact them to make arrangements.
Q3. Do you export?
A1.Yes, we do. Active trade is also possible.