Product development using injection molding technology for stationery, cosmetics containers and plastic products

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About OEM Production

OEM Production

Mainly on writing instruments, containers for cosmetic products and etc., by managing those products using an integrated manufacturing system standardized from Project & Planning through Molding, Processing, Inspection and Assembling, finally to sending them out into markets, it has made it possible to achieve the stability of efficiency and quality. It has been applied to broadly from OEM parts/products to Original products.

Characteristics of OEM Production by Epoch Chemical

We will meet customers’ requests on OEM molded parts through to Original products.
  • Drawing of the requested products are kindly requested to offer.
  • Implement product-structure and making out Product-Drawing.
    (Product-structure on the basis of second-stage processing such as printing, assembling & etc.)
  • Ask for quotation to molds-manufacturing company after confirming with them.
    (Company for manufacturing molds is to be appointed depending on product’s characteristics)
  • Submit price-quotation to customer.(Manufacture of molds and products)
  • Delivery time is further to be discussed after confirming with the customer.
Furthermore, we have plenty of molds for our-owned products mainly for writing instruments, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
(Markers, Multi-Function Pens, Roller-Stamps, Ball-Point Pens, Mechanical Pencils & etc.)